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Accident damage or loss

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What will it cost me if there is accident damage or loss?

Our quoted rates encompass a comprehensive Damage Cover, reducing your liability in the event of an accident. Unlike other companies that charge a daily fee for a ‘Reduced Damage Liability Fee (DLF),’ which can be as high as $50 or more per day based on vehicle class, our standard Damage Liability Fee (DLF) is included. For those seeking to further minimise risk, we offer customers the option to reduce the DLF by half through additional damage cover.

We always give you the all-inclusive, ‘drive-away’ rate which includes our best cover – first time, every time.

* ‘Top Cover’ is the name of our best damage cover.

Standard Cover
Vehicle Type
Damage Liability Fee
Plus Single Vehicle &/or Animal Damage &/or Incident of Loss Liability Fee
All Cars and XTrail
All 4WDs (inc PFAR's)
All 3Tonne Trucks, Tipper, all 2WD Utes, 8 & 12 Seat Mini Buses
All 6 Tonne Trucks, 21 & 25 & 38 Seat Buses
  • A Single Vehicle &/or Animal Damage &/or Incident of Loss Liability fee may apply, with a maximum of $3,300, in addition to the Liability Fees outlined above. A Single Vehicle Incident is described as any occurrence where the vehicle sustains loss or damage due to impact with any object, animate or inanimate (excluding another fully identifiable vehicle with provided details), where no other motor vehicle is involved. Examples include rollovers, collisions with animals or trees. Alternatively, another vehicle may be involved, but under specific circumstances such as the hire vehicle moving in reverse while the other vehicle is stationary, or the other vehicle being parked at the time of the incident.

  • Damage to overhead items, Truck Pantech Body, underbody of the vehicle, damage caused while off-road, or by water submergence, is the hirer’s responsibility and at their own expense.

  • Corporate Rates do not automatically include Top Cover; please inquire for details.

Please Note: If you hold a Green Provisional Driver’s License and are at least 25 years old, you may hire some of our vehicles under certain conditions. Green ‘P’ drivers would be subject to double the excess amounts mentioned above. No Red ‘P” drivers are accepted. For further details, please inquire.

The benefits of our Damage Cover offered to you remain subject to the Terms & Conditions of the Hire.

For any questions or additional information, please contact us.

3 common scenarios of Damage &/or Loss

(always subject to the complete Hire Terms & Conditions)

Scenario 1

You have a crash with another vehicle

In scenario 1 you pay the Damage Liability Fee applicable to your vehicle type.

If more than one vehicle is involved in an incident that causes Damage &/or Loss to our vehicle &/or any item(s) regardless of fault, you will be charged the Damage Liability Fee as shown on your rental agreement.

This damage cost must be paid on return of your vehicle.

Your damage liability fee will be refunded if and only when fault can be established to be that of a fully identified 3rd party.

Scenario 2

There is damage but no other driver was involved

In scenario 2 you pay the Damage Liability Fee applicable to your vehicle type.

If there is no other driver involved in the accident, you will be charged the additional “Single Vehicle Liablilty Fee”.

The cost to you of this kind of damage is clearly shown on your rental agreement.

This includes for example incidents such as hail storms, broken or chipped windscreens, collision with animals or collision with a parked car or other stationary object.

Scenario 3

There is damage which is NOT covered

In scenario 3 you pay for all damage

This is where you are liable to pay for the full cost of damage to the vehicle and any 3rd party property. You are NOT covered if you sustain any Overhead or Underbody Damage to one of our vehicles. You are NOT covered if you cause any damage to the pantec box section of the truck and/or the roof of a vehicle driven under an item lower than the height of the vehicle. Examples of this: Damage caused by pipe/sprinkler systems in covered car parks, awnings tress or drive thrus. Please take the time to understand that ANY damage caused by the vehicle to any item/object overhead is NOT covered.

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